Major Vision


Focusing on cultural exchange projects with China, which is based in Japan , we committed to continue its activities to become a bridge that connects the world .

Create Music / 音楽事業


Center of cultural exchange activities of our company is “music” . It has the power to connect people across the border all the “music” . And we believe is what the force ” lead ” source which leads to color to our lives that the era of diversification .


Publishing / 出版事業


Feel of the paper is the medium of eternal wake them attract the memory of old (ancient).
Text of digital is a real-time media that can be shared over the place.
We published in the best material the power of “words”.


Cultivation / 育成事業


“Now” may exist for children.
We will provide an environment that can be expressed freely across borders is up-and-coming artists to create such a “now”.